WhatsAppen met Anthony Goodwin

25-10-2018 (10:43) - Appen met

Anthony Goodwin is de nieuwe Creative Director van Superhero Cheesecake en moet daar aan de kar trekken als het gaat om 360 video en interactieve films, AR, mobiele apps, games en natuurlijk alle digitale campagnes, platforms en websites. Genoeg te doen dus, en zoals blijkt voorlopig nog vanuit de UK.


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Hi Anthony, Alexander here from FONK! Have you moved to the Netherlands yet, packing, unpacking?

Unfortunately not, despite my love for Amsterdam, I have close family here in the UK and my wife and children want to stay close to their grandparents so moving wasn’t really an option for us. With my new role as ECD at Superhero Cheesecake i’ll be working remotely but also visiting the office on a regular basis and traveling out to see clients, so I don’t see the distance as a problem like it once was a few years ago. I guess technology has brought us closer in this scenario as I’m able to keep in close contact with the team via, hangouts, Slack, and email. When any new projects come through the door i’m only a short flight away. 

Some creatives and agencies are moving out of the UK because of Brexit. What is your view on this? 

Brexit… well that seems to be one huge mess as we’re not much clearer on how we will leave or how it will effect our day to day lives. My opinion was always to remain. I have the feeling if there could be a revote then the outcome would be different. 

Superhero Cheescake is looking to strenghten its position in high end digital design and UX, a very competitive market. How do you stand out?

I think it’s always hard to stand out with such great agencies and people in this industry. It’s become a lot less about just creating beautiful design solutions as people rely on technology more than ever now so UX and strategy has a huge part to play in what we do, but going back to “how to stand out”, I think if you have a solid team that are prepared to put in hours and have the burning desire to keep pushing themselves to output better work than their last project then you know your team is prepared for anything. I think passion plus the desire to continually develop are the main drivers for outputting great work and standing out. 

Speaking about developments, yesterday Google Home has launched in Dutch. Is voice technology something you as an agency will be using too?

We’ve worked on a couple of projects now that use VO as part of interactive storytelling. I think access to APIs that allow us to utilise voice technology will play a big part in our projects going forward at Superhero Cheesecake.

Nice! Looking forward to that. Good luck on the job. Thanks for your time. 

No problem and thanks!