WhatsAppen met Fede Botella

11-06-2019 (09:00) - Appen met

Voetbalshirts omtoveren tot een ziekenhuishemd voor zieke kinderen. Een hartverwarmend initiatief van het Spaanse creatieve team We Are Xuxa. En wat blijkt: de initiatiefnemers zitten inmiddels 'gewoon in Amsterdam', als onderdeel van Superheroes. Tijd om eens te appen met Creative Fede Botella.

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Goodmorning, this is FONK. Are you ready to chat :)?
Hi, yep ready

Cool! Can you pitch in short the wonderful campain
that you made with Panenka?

Panenka is a Spanish football magazine with a different approach to football. So when we had the idea of turning football kits into hospital gowns for children in hospitals, we immediately called them to make it happen together.

How did you come up with  this idea?
We started with an insight every football fan can relate to: when we put on our favourite players shirt, we become them. We are suddenly stronger and more prepared to beat our opponents. So we thought that children that are in the hospitals facing the hardest match against illness should wear football shirts instead of the usual boring hospital gowns.

And does it work, do you see the smile on the face on these children when they wear the "shirt"?
Oh, yes it works! and that's THE best part of the idea. There are already a lot of hospitals around the world using Las batas más fuertes (the strongest hospital gowns) and we get many messages from doctors telling us the huge positive impact they are having in the kids.

Good to hear! And if someone wants to order one for a sick family member for example, is that also possible?
The shirts are being distributed to hospitals. There are many clubs that are turning their shirts into hospital gowns and giving them to hospitals in the city where the clubs are from. Real Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Betis, Athletic Bilbao, and many more....Also clubs in South America such us Racing de Avellaneda, Club América, Club Olimpo (among others are also joining in)

Nice to see that so many clubs are helping, I can imagine. You work a lot with Spanish partners, still the agency is based in Amsterdam. How come?

We come from Spain, and this project was done by us while we were still living there (even if it launched when we were already working in Amsterdam)

So Amsterdam is still brand new for you?
Yep, we started working here just 4 months ago (more or less). We are very happy of being here!

Welcome in Holland then! Do you have more exciting plans here?

Thank you. Wonderful country you guys have. Loads of them. We are working in some new exciting projects at Superheroes. We hope we can soon share them with you and the world!!

Yes Lets keep in touch! And is an Ajax gown also in the making ;)?
Hopefully some Dutch clubs will get involved in the project! We haven't heard from them yet, but we would love for them to join!!!

What is your own favourite club?
My club is Real Madrid, but I love football. It's the most beautiful game, and capable of doing great things as we've seen with Las batas más fuertes.

So no hard feelings towards Ajax :)?
Hahaha, not at all. They won us in style. I enjoyed very much the way they played this season.

Yes it was really exciting! Just as your plans for the future hear I think! Is there anything you can tell us yet, can we expect more soccer related projects for example?
Not a lot I can talk about yet, we are working in a quite exciting project for the Gin brand V2C. Nothing related with football this time. But we will definitely come up with more football related ideas for Panenka in the near future.

Cool! I wish you good luck and thanks for your time :) Keep us posted!
There is also a cool project we are working on. We are about to launch a coffee brand, but with a different approach.

What’s the approach?

We will make sure to share it with you as soon as we make it. Soon.

Mysterious ;). Thanks!
No problem! Thank you!

Foto: Fede Botella, Diego Lauton and Irene Labat