WhatsAppen met Nick Steel

20-02-2018 (13:22) - Appen met

Komt het door Brexit? Ook HarrimanSteel verkast vanuit Londen naar Amsterdam. Tijd om aan oprichter en topman Nick Steel te vragen hoe dat zit.

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Hi Nick, Alexander here from Fonk Magazine

How are you doing? Still unpacking boxes?
Nice to meet you!

Yes, nice to get in touch
Good thanks! All busy at HSHQ with a Nike launch event we’re producing in the Nordics this week. Unpacking boxes will have to wait! 

We see quite a lot of companies moving from London to Amsterdam, in what way has Brexit influenced your decision?
The market conditions have dramatically shifted since the vote. Company are loosing confidence across all sectors

So you think many more will follow?
I feel like this trend is building momentum, whilst the energy and opportunity in Amsterdam is real. I’m super excited to be here! 

Yes, so you've moved to the center of Amsterdam! Not too many distractions I hope?:)
Ha! The city offers many distractions and our office is on the edge of the red Light District, but most weekends you’ll find me running through the beautiful green spaces - (parks, not coffee shops!)

I did see that, great location! Some wonderful restaurants nearby, too. You've been in the business for some time now and I did see that you have recently applied a more lean and agile strategy to the company
Yes! The market and consumer are ever evolving so it’s crucial that we as an agency shift and adapt in response. It’s a really exciting time, with new challenges and new behaviors..

What is the biggest challenge at this moment?
I would say one of the biggest challenges we encounter is ensuring an idea is delivered seamlessly across all touch points. Brands need to be consistent and always on - that’s the expectation of consumer. And many brands are still not set up to do this

So it's also a question of in a way educating your clients, leading them along the way?
Yes - educating the client is important, and this relationship goes both ways. We’re all learning each day - that’s what keeps me passionate about what I do!

Wonderful. I have this last question for you :) What is your biggest ambition right now?
Besides world domination? Ha Ha! My biggest ambition right now is taking our learnings from the lifestyle space and broadening our client base. We are driven by creating work that resonates and want to apply this for a broader audience..

Cool. Many thanks for your time. 
Good luck with Nike in the Nordics this week!
Your welcome!