The sounds of the sirens

07-05-2015 (00:00) - Gastcolumn

The singing of the mythological sirens was irresistible. So beautiful, so seductive; there was no other choice but to follow the sound. Odysseus had himself tied to the mast of his ship, because he knew his mind would not be able to resist the attraction of the sirens’ voices. And he knew what would follow if he did: his ship would crash into the rocks…
The relationship between Homer and Cannes might not seem obvious. But it really reflects my thoughts. Participating in the jury is a great opportunity and a big honour. It’s an irresistible sound coming from Cannes, so beautiful and so seductive you immediately give in to it. Unlike Odysseus, I wouldn’t think of having myself locked in the studio. 
But is there any chance I will crash into the rocks? Will the high expectations be met? Being in a jury is not new to me, but being part of the Cannes jury is. Only the scale is already quite impressive. There are hundreds and hundreds of applications waiting for us, as a jury, to be evaluated. And they all deserve a serious and fair judgment. What will the level of the work be? Cannes has achieved such paramount position because it combines creativity and business in a way only ad-people can do. I admire that. Irresistible. But what kind of applications in the field of design does it attract; that is what I am very curious to find out. 
I hope I will be delighted, inspired, triggered, astonished but also annoyed, angry and horrified by the things I see. I think I was right to follow the lure and book my ticket right away. It will be an amazing experience, in all the dimensions that Cannes offers. 

De komende maand is het weer tijd voor de Cannes Lions. In de maanden naar het festival toe zullen de ambassadeurs van de Orange Lions, juryleden en andere gastschrijvers hun licht schijnen op reclame, marketing en design en vooral: wat kunnen de Nederlandse creatieven in Cannes bereiken? Ditmaal is het woord aan Liza Enebeis, Creative Director van Studio Dumbar en jurylid Design bij de Cannes Lions 2015.


Liza Enebeis, Creative Director Studio Dumbar


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