Nu verschenen: 2018 Ecommerce Report China

08-11-2018 (09:22) - Marketing

Het China Ecommerce report is verschenen, inclusief alle details over de Chinese B2C markt, consumenten gedrag en trends. Het rapport omvat ook interviews met logistic providers, retailers en ecommerce stakeholders in de Chinese markt. Daarnaast het GMO Register van de Hong Kong Federation of Ecommerce. Een korte samenvatting van het report:

B2C ecommerce market potential

In 2017, B2C ecommerce turnover rose to $500 billion, up 19% from 2016. This is expected to grow in the coming year to a forecasted $600 billion with a similarly high projected growth rate of 20.20%.
The ecommerce landscape in China
‘Unlike other developed countries – where people already enjoyed traditional retail shops for over a century, ecommerce is the only alternative for many Chinese consumers. That is why you see ecommerce is particularly popular in developing countries with large populations. China just so happens to be the largest one...’ – Joseph Yuen, Board Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Ecommerce.

internet penetration

Internet penetration is on the rise in China, with 56% of the population forecasted to be using the internet in 2018, up from 54% in 2017. Although this may seem like a small percentage in comparison to other countries, it’s actually quite a large population, with 788 million people. According to Statista, China is in first place with the largest online market. Of the 56% of the population online, an estimated 74% will shop online in 2018, making an astounding 586 million online shoppers.


China ranks 26th in the Logistical Performance Index, 78th in the Ease of Doing Business Index, and 65th in the E-government Index. Although logistics are not always the easiest or most reliable in the most rural parts of China, urban cities have advanced far beyond even most other developed country cities.
Alibaba is the leading online store, however is leading the way in mobile-commerce (m-commerce), a fast-growing market. Regarding m-commerce, WeChat is the most popular social media platform used by consumers to make purchases online in mainland China, and WeChat ecommerce links have increased by 68% since 2017. However, when it comes to payment via mobile devices, Alipay is leading with almost 54% of the share of mobile payments in China.

South Korea, US, Japan and Germany most popular

The most popular import destinations for ecommerce are South Korea, the United States, Japan and Germany. And it’s no surprise, as 42% of Chinese online consumers either shop both domestically & cross-border, or solely cross-border. In fact, the majority of consumers say they buy 3-4 times a year online cross-border, which is a bit more frequent than many other countries.

shopping online

There are several interesting consumer behaviors and preferences noted in the report, including the vast majority (70%) of the population shopping online in the last 3 months between 0-9 times; 88% of consumers say they search for websites offering free delivery; 80% of consumers prefer online payment with a platform like PayPal or Amazon Payments, etc.; and 67% of consumers post comments on an online store after receiving their order.
Het volledige rapport kun je hier gratis downloaden

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