Enlightened Design II showcases Dutch designers

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Visiting the London Design Festival and looking for design that clearly stands out? Enlightened Design steps out of the shadow of big trade shows and puts the spotlight on design with an illuminated quality that is not to be found elsewhere. The group exhibition in The Crypt Gallery of St Pancras Parish Church by Dutch curator David Heldt showcases work from four Dutch design studios: Arnout Visser, Bernotat&Co, Morgan Ruben, and Marc de Groot, from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 September. 

Enlightened Design II presents a selection of lights that, in addition to light, radiate fascination for our universe. Nature, technology, maths, and biology are a few of the themes that inspired the four Dutch designers to realise these lamps. Journalist Anna Bates met up with the four studios for an interview, please find these interviews underneath.
Arnout Visser runs his design atelier from Arnhem. He will be presenting his Big Mushrooms light at the London Design Festival this September.

things go the other way

Arnout Visser: All my designs start with an idea but then things go another way. You have to be quite flexible when you work with glass. There is no computer needed – you just have to keep your eyes open. I call myself a form finder – I’m not trying to develop nice shapes, I work on a process. We do some glass blowing tests, sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes they go right – sometimes you get an idea for free! > continue reading


Amsterdam based design studio Bernotat&Co is made up of partners Anke Bernotat and Jan Jacob Borstlap. They will present their collection of Radiolaria lamps at the London Design Festival this year.

long-term fascinations

Jan Jacob Borstlap: Our projects always stem from long-term fascinations. We’ve had this book by the German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel – he published over 100 detailed illustrations of animals and sea creatures in his book called Art Forms in Nature, and we’ve had it on the bookshelf for a long time. Among the prints are many radiolarians – unicellular organisms that produce intricate mineral skeletons. > continue reading


 Marc de Groot is a product designer based in Amsterdam. He will present his Fractal series at the London Design Festival
Marc de Groot: Most of the shapes in my designs are mathematics based. They link to shapes in nature: I try to reconstruct how flowers or ice grows, which is always from one point. This is where the name comes from: a fractal is one shape repeated. I started with a flat metal hexagon as a base and built a shape. > continue reading
 Morgan Ruben is a lighting designer based in Utrecht. He will present his Nero Lights at the London Design Festival in September.
Morgan Ruben: Light is so necessary to daily life - without light, we’re hindered in our movements. But the technology also keeps it interesting – it’s continuously developing, so things that I could be making in twenty years might look very different to things I am making now. > continue reading