VBAT wint met Saints & Stars Zilver bij Transfrom Awards Europe

VBAT wint met Saints & Stars Zilver bij Transfrom Awards Europe

01-04-2019 (10:57) - Prijzen

VBAT’s work on Saints & Stars was awarded SILVER at the tenth annual Transform Awards Europe. VBAT’s excellence in brand development was recognised in a room brimming with industry specialists.

For the past decade HealthCity has built an exclusive gym network, but in 2018 they decided to create an urban boutique format. Not just another gym, but an ultra-premium fitness experience with upscale amenities and hyper-personalised training. It was on VBAT to create the name, brand identity, tone of voice and launch campaign.
VBAT: "We built the brand around the notion of ‘Next Level Fitness’, which we captured in a motivational manifesto built around the name Saints & Stars. The name is an irreverent wink to the (near) religious devotion urban professionals have for fitness and star trainers. From ‘Training Bibles’ to ‘Holy Water’ bottles, this irreverent tone and iconography drive the brand.
Focusing on the transformational growth S&S promises, our ‘Cross the Line’ campaign features star fitness instructors morphing into their spiritual (totem) animals. A boxer juxtaposed with a bear; a bootcamp instructor and a butterfly; a sprinter and a panther. We blanketed upscale areas in and around Amsterdam with billboards and abri’s and, leading to over 2,500 memberships by opening day."

Cultural Context

"Unlike major metropolis like London and New York, luxury gyms are largely unknown in continental Europe. Especially in the Netherlands, with its natural aversion to open displays of privilege. So, we needed to promise a luxury gym experience in an egalitarian and collaborative way. Our strategy was to promote people, not equipment, and celebrate the hard work required to reach the next level of fitness."