Meest sustainable auto ter wereld gelanceerd

15-07-2019 (10:14) - Sustainable

 Auto liefhebbbers kunnen vanaf vandaag de 'meest sustainable' auto ter werled bestellen op Indiegogo. Aan de lancering van de elektrische neo-vintage driewieler Nobe 100 is jaren wwrk vooraf gegaan.

Roman Muljar, founder en CEO van Nobe: “Today is a unique milestone in the evolution of road travel. The Nobe 100 is the first ever all-wheel-drive, three-wheeled vehicle and is the most sustainable commercially available car on the market – but more than that, it is the most stylish.
Our aim was to at once reinvent the car for a greener future, and at the same time celebrate its history as an icon of design,” continued Muljar. “We call it ‘neo-vintage’ and the result is a car so beautiful you’ll want to lick it.”